Monday, October 4, 2010

Existing according to Spinoza... and us

Spinoza’s Ethics: Part One, Axiom 4
“Knowledge of an effect depends on the knowledge of the cause, and involves it.”

We, humans, that is, cannot be causes, because we have no power over our existence. We did not choose to exist ad even if we took our own lives, there is no proof that we've erased our own existence. If we are not causes, and we exist, we must be effects.

Let's say that we have knowledge of our existence and knowledge that we are effects. Then, we must know that there is a cause, for our very knowledge depends on the existence of that cause and it's knowledge of us.

Thus, the grand series of questions, for which we must already know the answers: Who or what is our cause? What does it know? How are we involved in what it knows? 

I believe that any answers to these questions would make a great story.

Spinoza: born in Amsterdam in 1632, expelled from the Jewish community for heresy. 

Great philosopher

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