Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peeing with a purpose (warning:weird)

So, this may seem weird, but here I am, squeezing in my pee as tight as I can, thinking of a million things to do before I relieve myself. Why, Teshelle?  Why put it off?

I remember being a kid and not wanting to go to sleep or to leave the room because I knew, I just knew, that something awesome would happen the second I was gone.  And I’d miss it.

Here’s the point, though.  What if leaving the room creates a new opportunity? What if the trip to the bathroom is filled with new surprises (though it’s hard to think of what could possibly happen on the trip from my sofa to the toilet)?  What if we made an effort to exist, wherever we were and whatever we’re doing? Maybe we would find awesomeness in the ordinary. Or maybe it wouldn’t be ordinary at all.

Perhaps for you it’s going to work, or doing an assignment, or stopping at the gym.  What dreaded task, what fear do you have that could be turned into an opportunity for meaningful existence? 


  1. Its funny how your topic caught my attention. I guess the one point that is brought up in thisuniquely written peice, is the advice for one to not miss out on opportunities in life. We limit ourselves so often to just one place, position, or way of thinking. I believe alot of times we under estimate the opportunities that can be available to us if we just choose to step out of what we feel is good enough. Sooner or later we will have to go, we just have to wait for the need to go to become urgent enough that we don't care what we might be missing out on in the place where we once was. Well thats just one way to look at it.
    (First time doing the blogging thing!)

  2. Great comment, Shoshana. Going is hard, especially for me! Lol